Substance Use & Addiction Counseling in Boca Raton

Substance Use Counseling

Are you or a loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol? South Florida Psychotherapy specializes in addiction counseling. John Puls, the licensed therapist, is a certified addiction professional in the State of Florida. He utilizes evidence-based therapy models, such as cognitive behavior therapy, to improve the outcome of you or your loved one’s substance use disorder. Addiction counseling helps by giving a person the ability to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which are what trigger a relapse into addiction.

Addiction can affect anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, income, or cultural background. Though counseling cannot fix or cure addiction, it can greatly improve positive outcomes and help a patient stay on track with their treatment plan and/or mitigate negative consequences of substance use. South Florida Psychotherapy supports multiple pathways of recovery – not just abstinence. John will work closely with you to identify an approach that works best for you.

Often times, there may even be underlying mental health or co-occurring disorders with those who suffer from addiction. It’s estimated that 38% of those with substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental illness. This means that abstinence alone may not be a viable solution to addiction. This also means abstinence is not the only way to get back on track.

You don’t need a co-occurring mental illness to benefit from addiction counseling. Recovering from addiction on your own isn’t easy. A licensed therapist can help you establish a treatment plan, relapse prevention, and healthy coping skills. At South Florida Psychotherapy, John celebrates your milestones with you.


How To Know When Addiction Counseling Is Right?


If you suspect you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, then it would be beneficial to speak with a licensed therapist and undergo an evaluation. At South Florida Psychotherapy, we can help you determine if you have a substance use disorder.

If you or a loved one experiences any of the following, a substance use disorder may be present:


  • Continue to drink or use despite negative consequences
  • Spending the majority of your time obsessing over drugs or alcohol
  • Drug or alcohol use is affecting you financially
  • Missing work or school due to drug or alcohol use
  • Feelings of guilt or shame
  • Inability to control the amount you consume
  • Isolation or neglecting responsibilities


At South Florida Psychotherapy, we do not offer in-patient or group therapy. Many patients use individual addiction counseling in conjunction with an out-patient group program, or in conjunction with a medication-assisted program. We are pleased to offer substance use therapy for:


  • Both Men & Women
  • Teens/Adolescents
  • Adults
  • LGBTQ+ community


What Can I Expect At Addiction Counseling in Boca Raton?


An addiction counselor at the Boca Raton office will help you or a loved one set goals and plans, identify triggering emotions, and develop useful and healthy coping strategies. Life stressors or significant life change can put you or a loved one at risk of relapse. Acquiring tools and skills to handle stressors will help maintain long-term abstinence.

The therapist, John Puls, will get to know you and learn about your past. He will help you process any emotions or trauma that may have contributed to your addiction. Treating underlying mental health conditions or trauma significantly increases the likelihood of successful recovery. You don’t need to face addiction alone.

If you are seeking help for a loved one, John also offers family therapy. Addiction is often referred to as a “family disease.” That’s because the addiction usually affects all of those closest to the person suffering from the addiction. Family therapy can help you process emotions, set plans and boundaries, and learn how to best support your loved one in their recovery.


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