Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy, or couples counseling, is a type of psychotherapy aimed at resolving romantic relationships or marital issues. At South Florida Psychotherapy, John Puls can help you resolve relationship problems with the assistance of a compassionate and experienced licensed psychotherapist.

If you are experiencing a strained relationship with your partner, you aren’t alone. Relationships can ebb and flow, and just because you are having a problem now doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t viable. In a committed relationship, couples counseling can be extremely beneficial and actually further affirm your commitment to one another.

At his Boca Raton office, John will help you and your partner identify problems in the relationship, establish treatment goals, and plan a treatment and session structure. A therapist can help you and your partner better your communication, which will empower you both to resolve conflict in the future better.

Conflict in a long-term relationship is not abnormal, but avoidance can be a problem. Resentment can build and unhealthy patterns develop, which may lead to divorce or an end to the relationship. Addressing issues early and learning how to operate as a team can help boost the longevity and happiness of your relationship.


How Does Couples Counseling Work at South Florida Psychotherapy?


John celebrates your milestones with you. He wants your relationship to be fulfilling and built to last. The core mission of South Florida Psychotherapy is to empower each partner to set boundaries and talk through difficulties, as to prevent the reoccurrence of distress in the future. John gives you and your partner tangible skills that can be used for a lifetime.

John, a licensed psychotherapist, will help you and your partner identify a core issue or pattern that needs to be addressed. Unlike individual therapy, couples therapy treats the relationship as a unit. A therapist works with you and your partner together to come up with a plan of action and set goals, requiring action on both parties.

In your first sessions, you can expect:


  • Identification of a specific problem (sexual difficulties, addictions, jealousy, suspicion, spending)
  • Active participation on the part of the therapist in treating the relationship itself, rather than each individual separately.
  • Solution-focused & change-oriented interventions early on in treatment
  • A clear establishment of treatment objectives


Who Should Get Couples Counseling?


Almost any couple can benefit from couples counseling. At South Florida Psychotherapy, we are pleased to offer services to ALL romantic relationships, including:


  • Both Heterosexual or any persons identifying as LGTBQ+
  • Interracial relationships
  • College relationships
  • Relationships that are at any stage, including dating, engaged, or married


If you feel divorce or breaking up is imminent, you are likely a very good candidate for couples counseling. Engaging in marriage therapy will help you determine whether the relationship is mendable, so it is always recommended to try this first. Sometimes a relationship may still end in divorce though – and that’s OK too. Couples counseling can help you figure that out. If you or your partner are experiencing any of the following, couples counseling may be right for you:


  • Suspicion or jealousy
  • Substance abuse
  • Withholding intimacy
  • Problems with sex
  • Fighting and arguing
  • Feeling annoyed by your partner
  • Feeling ignored by your partner
  • Lack of communication


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