Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

Are you worried about a loved one’s mental health or substance use and unsure where to turn? John Puls, the licensed therapist at South Florida Psychotherapy, understands how overwhelming it can be to have a close relative in a crisis. He is here to help consult you along the way.

It is common for people in a mental health or substance use crisis to be unaware of the seriousness of their situation. They may insist there isn’t a problem or that they are fine, or even insist that it isn’t your business to worry about! They may even display angry outbursts when asked if they have a problem.

When a person’s substance use or mental health becomes a danger to themselves or others, this is considered a crisis. Sometimes the only way to effectively approach these individuals is through intervention with a licensed professional, who can help facilitate immediate guidance to appropriate care in South Florida.


What Is Crisis Intervention?


Crisis Intervention is an immediate and short-term response to a mental health or substance abuse emergency. Opposed to actual treatment, such as psychotherapy or rehabilitation, crisis intervention addresses the immediate needs of an individual who may be exhibiting denial or refusal to seek care.

In an intervention, a licensed professional works with the family to confront the individual head-on to discuss their crisis, the need for care, boundaries should they reject treatment, and the next steps should they accept treatment.

Interventions are proven to be effective for initiating care. That said, interventions are not a solution in and of themself. A proper intervention will include a specified plan of action, plans for follow-up, and family support should their loved one not follow through with recommended care. Successful interventions require equal collaboration between a licensed professional and the family.


How Can South Florida Psychotherapy Help?


At South Florida Psychotherapy, John Puls, LCSW, MCAP is a licensed psychotherapist and certified addiction professional in Boca Raton with extensive crisis intervention and family therapy experience. John can help evaluate your situation, create a plan of action, provide referrals or recommendations for treatment, and facilitate interventions when needed.

Interventions are not always necessary or can even backfire, so it’s always recommended to consult an expert before trying to stage an intervention yourself.


South Florida Psychotherapy provides:


  • Comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and family consultation
  • Staging and facilitation of intervention if deemed necessary
  • Location of and referral to appropriate post-intervention care to meet client’s individual needs


South Florida Psychotherapy also provides treatment options for post-intervention care, such as individual and family therapy. If you have questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to call. John offers complimentary 15-minute consultations.


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