Family Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Family Therapy

Family Therapy, also known as family counseling, is a type of psychotherapy provided by a licensed psychotherapist. Family Therapy can help improve family communication and resolve family conflict. 

At South Florida Psychotherapy, John Puls provides experienced and compassionate care for South Florida families struggling with various conflicts, especially those with a family member struggling with severe mental illness or addiction. 

Family conflict can derive from different areas of the family unit and affect multiple members of a family. This can lead to depression, anxiety, worry, stress, remorse, and/or co-dependency. Family members can sometimes feel responsible or at-fault for a loved one’s mental health condition or addiction. We help families learn to communicate and set boundaries in a healthy manner. 


Signs My Family May Need Family Therapy in Florida


If you are in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, or anywhere in the state of Florida, South Florida Psychotherapy is accepting new clients in-office and via telehealth. If you are unsure if family therapy is right for you, please call for a free consultation.


If your family is experiencing any of the following, family therapy may be helpful:


  • A close family member with an addiction or substance use disorder
  • A blended family experiencing conflict
  • Lack of communication in the family
  • Growing apart
  • Outbursts
  • Out of control and high risk behavior from a teen 
  • Suspicion or trust issues
  • A family member feeling alone
  • A family member with severe mental health distress 


How Does Family Therapy Help?


Family Therapy can help your family better address conflict by encouraging healthy communication,  setting boundaries, and affirming healthy behavior patterns. By doing this, you will not only find relief with family distress, but you will actually help your loved one who has their own individualized treatment plan. 

Whether it be mental illness or addiction, healing the family unit and learning boundaries can help tremendously. Though you are not at-fault for your family member’s addiction or mental illness, setting boundaries can help your loved one stay on track. 

Family counseling enables families to mend the family unit in a healthy and constructive fashion. At South Florida Psychotherapy, Family Therapy is highly individualized to each family and their needs.

South Florida Psychotherapy wants you and your family to heal. At the Boca Raton office, John helps families resolve their family conflict, set a treatment plan, set milestones, and celebrate their successes with them. You don’t need to resolve family distress alone. 

Family Therapy can also help families struggling with a teen engaged in high-risk behavior or substance use. Adolescent high-risk behavior can cause tremendous stress in a family, lack of sleep, or worry. It’s common for parents to feel they may be at fault. A family therapist can help you develop plans and behaviors to better manage adolescent behavior and help boost your confidence as a parent.


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