Court Services & Marchman Act Assessment in Boca Raton, FL

Court Services/Marchman Act

South Florida Psychotherapy also provides a variety of court-related services, as well as Marchman Act Assessments. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Marchman Act petition completion and submission
  • Expert witness for Marchman Act assessment
  • Assessment of ASAM criteria for treatment placement as required under Marchman Act
  • Advocation for reduced sentencing and treatment in court


If you are the relative of someone experiencing dangerous substance use or an attorney representing someone who may need substance abuse treatment, please contact us for a confidential consultation. John, is a certified addiction professional in the state of Florida, qualified to advocate in court and complete necessary portions of Marchman Act petition.


Marchman Act Services in Boca Raton


The Marchman Act is a law in Florida that allows family or friends to submit a petition for involuntary placement of an individual into an addiction treatment program if they exhibit behavior that places them in immediate danger to themselves or others.

The Marchman Act requires portions to be completed by a qualified licensed professional, which is submitted to the court. A judge can then court order the individual to an assessment by a licensed psychotherapist, who evaluates ASAM criteria in order to recommend the appropriate treatment.

South Florida Psychotherapy can help assess:


  • Withdrawal potential
  • Health history and biomedical conditions
  • Emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions
  • Readiness to change
  • Relapse or continued problem potential
  • Recovery/Living Environment


Assessing these dimensions can help determine the need for involuntary care and placement in proper care.

John Puls, the licensed psychotherapist at South Florida Psychotherapy, works closely with local attorneys specializing in Marchman Act law, ensuring proper Marchman Act assessments.


Mitigation Specialist in Palm Beach County


South Florida Psychotherapy also provides expert testimony and advocacy for individuals convicted of a crime. When a criminal offense is committed, it may be the result of a mental health condition or substance use disorder. Punishment does not treat the underlying issue and is often ineffective at preventing future offenses.

John Puls can evaluate you or your client and provide recommendations, referrals, and help make a case for care over punishment. Diversion to a treatment program can treat the underlying problem that leads to a criminal offense and help prevent future offenses. Having a licensed psychotherapist advocate for treatment in court significantly increases the likelihood of mitigation.

If you or a client was charged or convicted of a crime in Palm Beach County related to drugs and alcohol, please call today to speak with John. He can provide you with resources to prepare for court and support you along the way.


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